Recap: Mining Builds Communities

Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:45 AM - Tue Apr 30, 2013 02:00 PM
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Karina Briño, President and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia, speaks to members of The Vancouver Board of Trade at an April 30 luncheon. Photo by Tyson Jerry. See full gallery.

By Linda Olofsson

On April 30, the Mining Association of British Columbia's President and CEO, Karina Briño, spoke to members of The Vancouver Board of Trade about how the mining industry supports communities across the province.

The address, which was part of Mining Week 2013, focused on how mines are an integral part of our communities, and how their operations strive to be responsible corporate citizens.

Briño said B.C. benefits from mining operations through increased employment opportunities, increased community and commercial development, and increased revenue for governments — all of which help fund crucial services such as education and health care.

“Our message is very clear: mining matters to all British Columbians,” said Briño. “Mining translates into nurses and doctors in our hospitals, teachers in our classrooms, and police, paramedics and firefighters protecting our communities.”

Briño noted that the mining sector has been the top employment growth sector in the last decade, and the future of mining is expected to sustain demand. Briño explained that mining is a cyclical industry. In B.C., 10,000 jobs are directly in mining, 26,000 jobs include suppliers, and 46,000 jobs are fully dependent on mining. 

“That economic activity results in some of the very best-paying jobs in B.C., in literally every region of the province,” she said. “And over the coming decade, as the industry grows, we have the potential of seeing in excess of 15,000 new jobs being created. At an average annual salary of over $121,000, including benefits, mining jobs support B.C. families and support B.C. communities. Over $1 billion in wages and benefits are paid by the industry.”

In addition, Briño noted that B.C.’s 20 major mines, over 30 industrial mineral producers and two smelters help make possible the things that British Columbians — and people all around the world — need for their everyday lives.

“Like you, I have family and friends who depend on the products that come from mining – whether it’s medical equipment and technology or appliances in our homes, not to mention the devices that allow us to communicate and stay connected,” she said. “Simply put, mining makes life better.”

Briño said the mining industry is striving to work with the provincial government to sustain our economy, create jobs, and support communities. She said that government “has a critical role to play in helping our industry achieve its true potential,” and urged that government must be a “true partner” with the industry.

“Together, industry and government must have a plan to build investor confidence, ensure stability and support a thriving mining industry,” said Briño. “While some improvements have been made, the process of obtaining environmental assessment and permitting approvals for mining projects still remains plagued by significant delays.”

In conclusion, Briño urged that people consider the mining industry as the cast their ballots in this month’s provincial election.

“Whichever candidate you choose to vote for, ensure that he or she is strongly supportive of B.C.’s mining industry,” she said.

“Let’s remember that mining brings significant benefits to British Columbia… Mining means high-paying job, it means revenues to support valued public services, and it means new hope and opportunities for our youth.”

Following her presentation, Briño hosted a roundtable discussion with students and participants in The Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow and Company of Young Professionals programs. Briño shared additional insights about the industry, including what future career opportunities she sees for those interested in mining.

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Mining Association of British Columbia CEO Karina Briño with members of The Vancouver Board of Trade's Leaders of Tomorrow and Company of Young Professionals programs. Photo by Tyson Jerry. See full gallery.

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