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Recap: Canada's Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver

Wed Dec 04, 2013 07:15 AM - Wed Dec 04, 2013 09:00 AM
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Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, speaks to reporters following his address to The Vancouver Board of Trade on Dec. 4, 2013. Photo by Pablo Su

The Honourable Joe Oliver, Canada's Minister of Natural Resource, delivered keynote remarks to The Vancouver Board of Trade at a breakfast event on Dec. 4.

Minister Oliver highlighted how the federal government's plan for Responsible Resource Development is enhancing environmental protection, strengthening relationships with Aboriginal Peoples and securing Canada's long-term economic future.

"Our government's plan for Responsible Resource Development is an inclusive plan for securing Canada's prosperity for future generations," said Minister Oliver. "Through meaningful action that enhances safety of the environment all Canadians will benefit from the opportunity of reaching new markets for our vast energy resources."

Resource development in British Columbia currently accounts for close to 125,000 jobs and 10 percent of its economy, generating billions of dollars that fund critical social programs such as health care, housing and education.

Oliver said the government's plan for Responsible Resource Development is ensuring the development of Canada's natural resources is done in an environmentally responsible way and that Canada's Aboriginal Peoples are fully engaged in the process.

As part of the plan to strengthen Canada's commitment to environmental protection and be a world leader in marine safety, the Government of Canada created a Tanker Safety Expert Panel in March 2013 to review the current system and propose new ways to make Canada's tanker safety system even better.

This panel conducted an evidence-based review and assessment of Canada's tanker safety system and proposed further measures to strengthen it in a report that was released on Dec. 3, 2013. The panel's recommendations will help guide the government's efforts to ensure Canada has a fully integrated world-class tanker safety system.

Oliver noted that the government is committed to building a system that is world-class in terms of preventing any marine accident in the first instance, responding in the unlikely event there is an accident, and respecting the principle of polluter pays throughout this system.

The natural resources sector is a leading private employer of Aboriginal People in Canada. In 2012, it employed more than 32,000 Aboriginal workers. Through its plan for Responsible Resource Development, the Government of Canada is enhancing Aboriginal engagement and consultation as part of its commitment to respecting Aboriginal Peoples' rights.

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