Host a Members’ Reception

Please contact Sarah Summerfelt at or call 604-640-5460 if you are interested in hosting a Members’ Reception with The Vancouver Board of Trade.

A Members’ Reception is a casual evening networking event co-hosted by The Vancouver Board of Trade with interested members – to members. Depending on what the host is comfortable with, we welcome anywhere from 85-200 Board members to these events. It is an excellent way to establish bonds and promote your business to Vancouver Board Trade members. Of course, you are welcome to recruit your own sponsor(s) and partner(s) for the event and invite your personal VIP guests. Your reception will be promoted on our website and through our e-blasts (which are sent to our members that have opted to receive them).

See details below if you are interested in hosting!


Members’ Receptions can be hosted by most downtown businesses that have a minimum capacity for 50 people at a cocktail reception. They are a highly effective way of promoting your organization to our members, and often deliver 100 or more people who have never been to your business prior to this event. Members greatly appreciate the hospitality of our Members’ Reception hosts, and they are memorable events and experiences that will be associated with your company.


The Members Reception events are co-hosted by your business and The Vancouver Board of Trade. The Board will begin promoting the your event approximately 4 weeks in advance by posting a short summary with your logo on the Events Calendar of our website, and by sending weekly e-newsletters to our members. All pre-registration is done online by our members.

In order to post the event on our website, we will require a short summary of your business & location (approximately 150 – 300 words) and a jpg logo. Additionally, 2 days prior to the event, we will need the name and a short bio for the person from your organization who will act as host at the event, and welcome our members.


Attendance at Members Receptions depends on many factors, including season, other events on our calendar, location of the event, interest in the venue, and how long the event has been promoted. If an event is promoted less than 3-4 weeks in advance, it can affect the attendance. We are not able to guarantee numbers, but we will provide an interim estimate of attendance for your catering purposes, and we will provide a final registration number the day before the event.

These events are designed as Members’ Receptions, so most spaces are reserved for our members and guests, however, in many cases; there is room for you to invite a small number of your own guests/clients to add to the guest list. If you would like to do this, please let us know in advance and provide us with the number of guests you expect so that we can add them to our attendance estimates. We will also need a list of your guests for our reference at the registration table during the event.


The events usually run from 5–7 p.m. Board staff will arrive by 4:30 p.m. to set up registration and we will check-in all guests on our registration list at the door.

The event will start at 5 p.m. and will begin with an hour of networking, wine and appetizers. Just after 6 p.m. a Vancouver Board of Trade representative will do a ‘welcome’, followed by a 5 minute host welcome where your representative will have 5 minutes to speak about your venue. We end the presentation with a business card draw for a door prize provided by your organization (perhaps a gift certificate or product from your venue). After this short 10 minute presentation, guests are invited to continue networking until 7 p.m.

The presentations are kept very brief at these events because they are promoted as networking receptions. The best way to promote your organization is by allowing the members to visit your location, and by having as many employees at the event as possible to meet our members and answer their questions.


We suggest that the host provide complimentary appetizers for the reception and a complimentary glass of wine (beer is also an option), as well as non-alcoholic choices. You may decide to provide complimentary beverages throughout the reception (with care taken not to allow anyone to overindulge), or limit to 1 alcoholic drink per person, with a cash bar provided for 2nd drinks. Liquor licensing requirements are your responsibility.

With regards to appetizers, we are often asked what type/quantity of food is expected. As you are providing the food and beverages at your cost, we do not impose specific requirements, however, in our experience, our members are generally served appetizers (cocktail or buffet style). A general guideline: more elaborate than bowls of peanuts and chips, but less than a full meal. We have several catering companies that are members of The Board and have experience providing food for these events, and we are happy to provide you with a list of contacts.


As we host several types of events per month, the scheduling of a reception must fit into our events schedule. As The Board is providing this event as a benefit of membership, our goal is to offer 2 Members’ Receptions per month in most months of the year. The opportunity to host a reception is very attractive to our members, and we are often booking receptions 3-4 months in advance, so it is important that the dates are reliable. In addition, Member’s Receptions are a very valuable aspect of membership, and our members rely on us to provide them on a regular basis. Therefore, once an event has been added to our Events Calendar, if the reception is cancelled or postponed at your request, we will charge a cancellation fee of $300 to your VBOT account.


We provide a dedicated contact person to assist you with scheduling and answering your questions. Prior to booking the reception, we come to you for a site visit to provide you with a checklist and answer any questions you may have.

Any companies you use for the event, i.e. catering, wine suppliers, music etc. are not required to be VBOT members, however, if they are, then we can include their logo with yours on the summary for the event and therefore promote them on our website.

We look forward to helping you promote your organization to our thousands of members!

Please contact Sarah Summerfelt at or call 604-640-5460 if you are interested in hosting a Members’ Reception.