RECAP: Company of Young Professionals Development Night

Tue Jan 15, 2013 05:30 PM - Tue Jan 15, 2013 07:30 PM
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Whole Brain Leadership

Lisa Ryan

Article by Linda Olofsson
Pictures by Vision Event Photography

On January 15th, 2013, members of the Company of Young Professionals Program had the opportunity to listen to Lisa discuss how she works with leaders to help them build their capacity for creative and collaborative leadership. Lisa Ryan is Vice President, Talent Management at Right Management. As an accomplished organizational development professional with a business-based perspective, Lisa brings deep expertise in leadership development, change management, and executive coaching.

Lisa introduced four different Thinking Styles - Rational, Safekeeping, Feeling and Experimental, and members truly enjoyed analyzing which style they most suited.  Lisa also discussed the leadership style that is associated with each thinking style.

Lisa’s discussion enlightened members to the fact that thinking styles affect us and how we lead in the workplace; they demonstrate how people make decisions.  Furthermore, she explained the value in learning how to utilize all four thinking styles to support the decision making process.  She stressed the importance of being able to understand people and tap into the strengths of each team member’s style.  It is essential to recognize what people can bring to the table when collaborating, since input from each style will contribute to innovative ideas and solutions.  Lisa also spoke about the difference between creativity and innovation; creativity is a fun and exciting idea and innovation is doing things differently and implementing something that will create value. 

Additionally, Lisa talked about the art of questioning.  She presented numerous tactics and had members analyze a case in order to work on their questioning abilities.  Another skill set that is vital to develop is our observation skills, and Lisa provided tips for improvement.  Networking, as we all know, is a key element in the business world.  Lisa offered several suggestions on how to improve your networking skills and diversify your knowledge through this activity. 

Lisa’s wealth of business management experience comes from progressive leadership and consulting roles at many accomplished companies.  The Company of Young Professionals Program would like to thank Lisa Ryan for taking the time to share her story and insights. This event was presented by The Vancouver Board of Trade's Company of Young Professionals Program. 

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