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New report finds gender gap in B.C.’s economic activity

Today, the WEB Alliance of Women’s Business Networks announced the release of a new report, Women as a Catalyst for Growth: A BC Action Plan, which identifies key barriers and solutions to increasing the economic impact of women in British Columbia.

VBOT gives Federal Budget 2015 an A- grade

The Vancouver Board of Trade, representing thousands of businesses across Greater Vancouver and B.C., has assigned an overall grade of “A-” to Federal Budget 2015. This grade was awarded as a result of the budget’s focus on incentives to promote small and medium-sized businesses, improve gender diversity in business, and bolster national infrastructure.

200 organizers pack YES! campaign rally

“We can win this referendum!” David Suzuki Foundation CEO Peter Robinson may have been contradicting the last set of public opinion polls, but there were no doubters in the room Wednesday, April 1, as 200 core organizers behind the Better Transportation and Transit Coalition (BTTC) gathered for a noisy mid-campaign rally at the Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre for Dialogue.

B.C. seniors’ organizations back “Yes” campaign

"We need these services!” With that clear declaration, Lorraine Logan, on behalf of the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO) of British Columbia, became one of the most recent signatories to the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition. “We’re recommending to all our members: vote Yes,” Logan said.

Better Transit and Transportation Coalition welcomes nine student associations to YES campaign

The Better Transit and Transportation Coalition is pleased today to welcome nine associations representing tens of thousands of post-secondary students in Metro Vancouver to the Yes campaign.

YWCA becomes 100th member of Better Transit and Transportation Coalition

YWCA Metro Vancouver has joined the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, highlighting the important role that transit plays – now and in the future – for many local families.

Coalition Welcomes Provincial Clarification on Collection of Metro Congestion Improvement Tax

"Yes" coalition calls on voters to support Metro Vancouver transportation improvements

Victory for the "Yes" vote in Metro Vancouver's upcoming transportation referendum will benefit people from all walks of life, according to the broad-based Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, which calls the referendum "one of the most important decisions facing our region for the next generation."

VBOT supports Better Transit and Transportation Coalition

The Vancouver Board of Trade has joined a new coalition to support increased investment in regional transit and transportation improvements.

Read the December 2014 issue of Sounding Board online

The December 2014 issue of Sounding Board, The Vancouver Board of Trade's official monthly newspaper, is now online.
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