For 125 years, The Vancouver Board of Trade has helped businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to work in the enlightened interest of our members to promote, enhance and facilitate the development of the region as a Pacific centre for trade, commerce and travel. The Board of Trade strives to enable and empower its members to succeed, grow and prosper in the global economy.

Our basic principles

The Board believes that the market system is the only system that works effectively in the allocation of scarce economic resources for efficient and stable economic growth and job creation. The Board recognizes the imperfections of the market system and supports the need for publicly provided services such as social services, health services and public education. The Board supports the philosophy of less government involvement in the business sector and believes that governments should not do what can be done in whole or in part by the private sector.

Membership in The Vancouver Board of Trade, British Columbia’s “leading business group,”* opens doors to a network of thousands of business contacts. No other organization in Western Canada offers as many business-building activities combined with exclusive membership services and savings.

By making use of everything The Board of Trade offers, members gain access to a unique network of world-class business leaders, professionals from all industry sectors, and, of course, potential customers and clients. They can also make use of valuable information and resources to professionally develop employees, strengthen business skills and raise their profile to expand their markets – all vital components to achieving success in today’s business world. An estimated 200,000 business cards are exchanged each year at The Vancouver Board of Trade’s 400 events, committee meetings and activities attracting more than 24,000 attendees. The Board actively fosters a Spirit of Enterprise®.

*The Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2009


Vancouver Board of Trade members are automatically members of World Trade Centre Vancouver.

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