The Board strives to enable and empower its members to succeed, grow and prosper in the global economy. The work of the Economic Development Committee encompasses issues affecting the economy of the region, the province and the country. The committee and its sub-committees have dealt with the growing shortage of skilled personnel, economic development within the region, provincial election issues, work of the British Columbia Progress Board, and the state of the BC economy in such areas as forestry, mining, the film industry and contributing economic factors such as demographic projections.


The Government Budget and Finance Committee, through three separate task forces, advocates, monitors and responds to budget and other financial activities of the federal, provincial and local governments. These task forces analyze the budgets, rate them against pre-established criteria, compose responses and communicate them to Board members, media and government. The committees recognized the need for stimulus budgets and supported them when issued.


For over a decade, The Board has strongly advocated the City of Vancouver redress the huge imbalance between residential and business property taxes. To date, The Board has affected a significant shift in the business proportion of property taxes, and formed a coalition with other business organizations to bring it down further, resulting in a one-per-cent shift per year over a period of five years. This will eventually lower the business portion of the total property taxes payable by business to 48 per cent from the current 53 per cent, equivalent to a cumulative $38.6 million savings per years as of 2010.

Board of Trade makes pre-budget recommendations to Provincial Government

The Vancouver Board of Trade has made a number of recommendations to the Government of British Columbia in advance of the 2013-2014 provincial budget.

Board submits views on potential Pooled Registered Pension Plan legislation in B.C.

The Vancouver Board of Trade has submitted its views on Pooled Registered Pension Plan (PRPP) legislation to the Province of British Columbia.

Message from the Chair: The HST issue is critical to B.C. business

Your ballots are due back in just a few weeks — by August 5 — and as chair of western Canada’s leading business association, I feel strongly that it is important to speak out on this issue. The Vancouver Board of Trade officially supports retaining the HST, and our research to reach that conclusion has been extensive.

Vancouver Board of Trade grades 'stable' federal budget B+

The Vancouver Board of Trade, representing 5,500 members, awarded the federal budget an overall Report Card grade of B+ today, saying the budget was conducive to a “stable Canadian economy.”

Letter to Mayor Gregor Robertson and Council: RE: Rezoning 777 Pacific Boulevard (Hotel/Entertainment/Casino Complex)

Letter to Mayor Gregor Robertson and Council: RE: Rezoning 777 Pacific Boulevard (Hotel/Entertainment/Casino Complex)

Letter Minister James Flaherty Re: Pre-Budget 2011/2012 Submission

On behalf of The Vancouver Board of Trade (The Board), we respectfully submit recommendations to the federal government on the 2011/2012 federal budget. These recommendations reflect the concerns and priorities of our Board of Directors and over 5,000 members, 74 per cent of whom represent small businesses with less than 50 employees.

Chambers call for national urban strategy

Canada’s major chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing the business communities in Canada’s largest urban centres, today called upon the federal and provincial governments to establish a national urban strategy targeted toward Canada’s largest urban centres.

Pay now or pay later - Landmark Kids ‘N Crime 2: Economic Aspect

The Vancouver Board of Trade and Justice Institute of BC release a landmark report making economic case for early childhood investment.

Members' input for meeting with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

Darcy Rezac, managing director asked members for input on any key issues they felt are of concern to members.
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