Issues addressed include skills shortages, both K–12 system and post-secondary education, immigration policy, credential recognition and English language skills, mobility and future workforce requirements. The Education and Skills Task Force addresses the field of education and skills shortages including both the K–12 system and post-secondary education, and skills-oriented learning at the post-secondary level. Subjects prepared a policy on immigration citing such issues as credential recognition, the immigration appeal process and English as a second language. A draft policy on post-secondary education was prepared and discussed with further revisions to come. The task force also worked with the Ministry of Advanced Education on Labour Market opinions, mobility and projection of future workforce requirements.

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VBOT submits more feedback regarding women on boards

Last week, The Vancouver Board of Trade submitted additional feedback to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) regarding proposed regulatory changes that would increase the involvement of women on corporate boards and in senior management positions.

Board gives feedback on the city's Transportation 2040 Plan

The Vancouver Board of Trade provided comments to the City of Vancouver recently regarding the proposed Transportation 2040 Plan.

Board of Trade makes pre-budget recommendations to Provincial Government

The Vancouver Board of Trade has made a number of recommendations to the Government of British Columbia in advance of the 2013-2014 provincial budget.

Vancouver Board of Trade gives federal budget 2012-2013 an 'A' grade

Vancouver Board of Trade gives B.C. Budget 2012-2013 a 'B' grade

The Vancouver Board of Trade, representing 5,000 business members in the Lower Mainland, has assigned an overall grade of 'B' to the provincial budget 2012/2013 based on the B.C. Government’s steady progress on economic vision, spending and debt.

Canada and U.S. unveil joint border action plans

Today, the United States and Canada enjoy the largest bilateral trade and investment relationship in the world. Total trade and investment between the United States and Canada topped $1.1 trillion in 2010, and those numbers are growing.

Meet the Small Business Council

The Small Business Council (SBC) is one of The Vancouver Board of Trade’s Committees and Task Forces.

Ninth Circuit Appeal on Expedited Removal Order

The Vancouver Board of Trade has long supported the expediting of travel between Canada and the United States for trade and movement of visitors and business travellers across our mutual border.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Junsai meets with Board of Trade members

A group of directors from The Vancouver Board of Trade met with Zhang Junsai, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Canada, for breakfast on Tuesday, August 23.
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