The Company of Young Professionals

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The Company of Young Professionals (CYP) is a leadership development program of The Vancouver Board of Trade, which connects emerging young professionals in the Greater Vancouver area. CYP members are committed to improving the community, creating strong relationships, developing themselves and developing the people around them. If this sounds like you, we would love for you to be a part of the CYP. Join Us!

Our Mission

The mission of the Company of Young Professionals (CYP) is to attract and serve emerging leaders by creating a supportive environment to reach their personal and professional potential, ultimately establishing and building their career in Greater Vancouver.

Our Values

  • Supporting the next generation of leaders though knowledge and networking
  • Contributing to our community by sharing time, ideas and expertise
  • Purposeful about developing Greater Vancouver as a viable community to establish and build ones career

What We Do

We connect, educate, and inspire young professionals in Greater Vancouver.

How We Do It

Some of the ways we connect, educate and inspire are through:

  • Monthly events which are social, professional development, and non-profit advisory in focus;
  • Coordinating peer discussion forums which establish relationships and supporting career progression;
  • Regular volunteer outreach initiatives contributing to the Greater Vancouver community;
  • Profiling emerging leaders and their perspectives to build their brand and improve workplace culture;

3 Pillars


Become a connected leader. CYP members have access to all the networking events The Vancouver Board of Trade has to offer. With over 5,700 members from a wide range of industries and 500 events every year, there are many opportunities to build your professional network.


CYP helps young professionals develop their leadership skills with skills-specific events, recommended readings, access to keynote speakers and much more. CYP members also develop the social capital and engagement skills that are so vital for career development.


Get involved in shaping the future of Metro Vancouver by joining one of The Board’s many committees and task forces. These groups, made up of dedicated Board of Trade members, explore issues that are relevant to Vancouver’s business community.

To engage your emerging leaders or learn more about the program, visit at

See CYP events for event information and registration.