Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program®

Connecting leaders of today with leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) is a mentorship program of The Vancouver Board of Trade. LOT connects final year post secondary students with industry professionals to develop their skills in the areas of mentorship, leadership, networking, and volunteerism. Through the generous donations of our sponsors, their employees connect with today’s emerging talent and ensure the continued success of the British Columbia economy.

Through their involvement in the program, students prepare to enter the workforce and develop the hands-on skills to help them do so. The LOT Program is based on the four pillars of Mentorship, Volunteerism, Networking and Leadership.

Our Values

We believe in connecting the leaders of tomorrow with the leaders of today.
We believe in contributing to the community by sharing time, ideas, and expertise.
We believe in developing leadership and knowledge amongst professionals in Greater Vancouver.

What We Do

We connect young professionals with the established professionals in Greater Vancouver to nurture talent, build relationships, and make connections.

How We Do it

Students accepted into the LOT Program gain insight from business leaders, build professional relationships, and volunteer in their local community. Program participants also receive a Vancouver Board of Trade Membership, offering them the opportunity to attend regular events to develop their skills and grow their network.

The 4 Pillars


Mentors dedicate 15 hours over the course of the one-year program to the mentees. The primary goal is to advocate for constructive change and positive growth. Volunteer mentors nurture talents and equip tomorrow’s community and business leaders with positive life skills.


Through the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Committees and Task Forces, mentees explore current key issues and partake in community partners’ projects. LOT contributes thousands of volunteer hours to the community each year.


Mentees receive a one-year membership to The Vancouver Board of Trade, giving them access to over 100 events hosted each year. LOT also hosts regular events including industry expert roundtables, an orientation night, a graduation ceremony, socials events and joint events with The Company of Young Professionals (CYP) Program.


The program equips LOT mentees with business cards, recommended readings, access to keynote speakers, group projects and so much more. Mentees develop social capital and engagement skills that will shape the pulse of Vancouver’s future.

To learn more please visit www.leadersoftomorrow.com

See LOT events for event information and registration.