Max is outfitted with absolutely everything you need to take care of your employees, and your business, in the best way possible

The four dimensions of Max

Max is the industry's first all-out employee care plan. It covers all four dimensions of the work experience:

Business Health

Resources to help leaders confidently navigate financial, legal, and HR challenges.

Employee Wellbeing

Tools that empower employees to manage their family's health on their terms.

Employee Benefits

The most comprehensive package available to small and mid-size groups, proudly administered by Johnston Group.

Workforce Integration

A total workforce management system, available exclusively to Max and Payworks customers.

Max is a completely re-imagined plan that delivers on all four dimensions of employee care. It's all in one plan, exclusive to and it's all administered through Johnston Group.

Benefits at all levels


Most benefits packages focus entirely on premiums and claims. Max focuses on making your employees' whole lives better. It has a suite of benefits - not just for staff, but for the leadership team too. Owners can access advice on financial and legal matters. For HR and managers, there's guidance and resources on top HR issues. For Payworks customers, administrators can save time with payroll integration.

The best partners on one portal


Unlike other plans that offer add-on services for a fee or direct customers to a partner portal, Max is a holistic solution. Johnston Group has spent 40 years building partnerships with the leading developers of health, wellness, and HR programs. Now, those developers are integrating their tools into Maximum Benefit products and the online platform: my-benefits. It's all included in the plan at no additional charge.

More options for growing companies


As a group grows, they may no longer need the support of a pool. Larger groups can access better rates and a wider range of benefits – often at a lower cost – when they have a well-managed plan. Groups can also access more robust life and disability insurance for the higher earners within the company.

Strengthen your entire HR desk


Max is partnered with Canada's fastest-growing payroll and workforce solutions company: Payworks. Access exclusive tools that integrate payroll and benefits and streamline employee changes and premium deduction imports. With Max and Payworks, you can cover the whole HR desk at a discounted price.


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