Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Are you a small business that could benefit from fresh new ideas from students? or a professor seeking opportunities for your students to address real challenges in a business environment?

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Small Business Council can help take your enterprise or students to the next level!

What is PEP?

98 per cent of businesses in British Columbia are considered small businesses. Most of these companies have limited resources, which makes it difficult to focus on growth initiatives or resolve operational challenges while also running the day-to-day operations.

The Practical Education Program (PEP) is a new initiative by the Small Business Council that connects local businesses with students from post-secondary institutions across the Lower Mainland.

PEP will assist small businesses by providing them access to some of our region's top business students, who can help brainstorm fresh ideas and solutions to real challenges facing a business. 

At the same time, students and professors will benefit from practical, real-world experiences, which will complement the lessons taught in the classroom.

Why participate?

Expected outcomes for businesses:

  • Receive free consulting services in a number of areas important to your business.
  • Work and collaborate with enthusiastic and creative students who bring in current, fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Make a difference to the student community through networking, mentorship and knowledge sharing.
  • Establish direct connections with accomplished students, build awareness of your business, and attract top talent efficiently.  

 Expected outcomes for students:

  • Gain real-world experience, working hands-on and dealing with actual business problems.
  • Gain exposure to local businesses to develop a network and future career prospects.
  • Assist the local business community in developing feasible growth strategies.
  • Collaborate with peers by working in teams to solve interesting business challenges.

How can you get involved?


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