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Message from the Chairman: Your input on bike lanes please

September 09, 2010

Jason McLean

Dear Member,

The City of Vancouver has proposed to build separated bike lanes on Hornby Street similar to the one on Dunsmuir.The Vancouver Board of Trade is preparing its response to the proposal and would like your input.

You can let me know what your thoughts are on the proposed Hornby Street Separated Bike Lane by e-mailing me at hornbybikelane@boardoftrade.com.

Your feedback will also be posted on our website at www.boardoftrade.com. If you do not wish your response to be posted, please let me know in your e-mail.

Thank you for your participation.


Jason McLean,
Chairman, The Vancouver Board of Trade

Members input:

Tue 07/09/2010 10:23 AM

It's ridiculous, I'm a cyclist and enough is enough! No more separated bike lanes!
The city of Vancouver has destroyed enough roads already with these overbuilt bike lanes. Hornby street is a much needed roadway and parking there is needed as there is so little available downtown.
It should be left as is. 


Tue 07/09/2010 10:27 AM

I am in favour of cycling routes PROVIDED the flow of trade (workers, goods, etc) is not impeded upon. Bike lanes impede business and the movement of people along Dunsmuir (why not Pender?) and Hornby so I am not in favour.


Tue 07/09/2010 10:28 AM

Perhaps before pushing through more bike lanes the City should take a step back and see if the desired results from both the Burrard Bridge lanes and the Dunsmuir lanes have been achieved.  By continuing to push ahead, converting street after street, without first determining if the "test results" of the first projects had the desired results, would simply reinforce the opinion of many that this initiative is solely based on ideology.

Margaret Bezdan


Tue 07/09/2010 10:32 AM

As long as it doesn't remove a lane for cars.  IMHO, taking out a lane for cars to accommodate bicycles is ridiculous.  The Burrard Street example is very damning.  More pollution is spewed into the air by having cars lined up to get to and fro over the bridge while the bicycle lane remains sparse at best and empty at worst.  As I crossed the bridge the other morning, it was very busy for cars and I counted 8 bikes in the time it took me to cross over.  And 2 of them were walking their bikes on the pedestrian sidewalk.  What a joke! 

And personally, given that I live in Delta, I get incensed every time someone tells me that I should walk, bike or take the bus.  My work means I have to be mobile and I resent being told "I am part of the problem".  Yeah, like I'm gonna ride my bike to work from Delta every day.

My vote is ONLY IF IT DOESN'T MAKE IT HARDER FOR CARS. Otherwise my vote is a resounding NO!

Best regards,

Frank Butler
President Syncronet


Tue 07/09/2010 10:32 AM


Appreciate the opportunity to sound in.

My thoughts are the bike lanes as a whole - in the right areas - make sense. That being said - the Hornby bike lane is an inherently bad idea. I work at the corner of Howe and Dunsmuir, and this bike lane is used very little to that on Burrard Street. Why?  The Burrard connects to apartments, houses, etc., where people can commute from while the Dunsmuir does not (to the same degree). The result? Traffic backed up for hours on Dunsmuir which is hurting both our economy and environment.

Matthew Heiydt
Business Development Manager - Canada
The Personnel Department


Tue 07/09/2010 10:34 AM

My view, on both the Dunsmuir and Hornby lanes (and any other bike lanes contemplated), is that if all the City removes by the lane is some metered parking, I think that is a reasonable tradeoff. What I don't want to see removed, because I feel it is not a fair tradeoff, are car lanes and right turns. So on Hornby if they keep the same number of car lanes and allow the same number of right turns, then I am ok with it. On Dunsmuir because they have removed a lane and taken away my right turn on to Hornby, I am not in favor.

I also strongly feel that if the City wants to test out the use to which bikers will make of lanes, it is necessary to carry out the survey for a longer period of time which would encompass winter months - because Vancouver is fabulous in the summer and so it's no wonder that many commuters use bikes in the summer. But let's see how many bikers there  are in the dead of winter with the rains pelting down!

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Frank Schober
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP


Tue 07/09/2010 10:30 AM

Yes, I'm all for bike lanes.
I'm a car commuter and I think more bike lanes the better. It will make the city more liveable, better for tourist, and take bikes off the other streets as well.
I can't wait to move back to the city and bike to work.

Greg Harder
National Bank

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