WE FOR SHE report to be released

Unconscious Bias Series: Leading Inclusively to Drive Employee Behaviour

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
7:00 AM
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Schedule:Registration & Breakfast:  7:00 - 7:30 a.m.
Program:  7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
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Today's top business leaders recognize the importance of leading inclusively and encouraging diversity in the workforce. Research tells us that diversity leads to better decision making. It's important for an organization's executives to demonstrate the correct "tone from the top" to gain buy-in when looking to convert policies into action. 

How exactly does an organization's desire to be diverse and inclusive become part of its culture?  Find out at our next panel discussion, when we focus on how leaders can live their organization's values and encourage similar behaviour in their employees.

Hosted by the Women's Leadership Circle, this is the third event in our successful Unconscious Bias series. Our featured panel of leaders are recognized within Greater Vancouver's business community for their culture and diversity & inclusiveness initiatives.

What you will gain by attending:

  • Understand the psychology behind unconscious bias and learn the traits of an inclusive leader that encourages diversity in the workplace.
  • Hear the panellists speak about having courage in challenging situations that can threaten an organization's diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Have interactive and reflective conversations with other professionals on how to incorporate "tones from the top" into your company culture.
  • Ask Greater Vancouver business leaders for their professional insight on your questions about unconscious bias.

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Wyle Baoween, CEO, HRx Technology Inc
Anna Tudela, Acc. Dir. VP, Diversity, Regulatory Affairs & Corporate Secretary, Goldcorp Inc.
Nahal Yousefian, Chief People Experience Officer (CPXO),MEC
Moderator: Anita Braha, Board Chair, Vancity Savings Credit Union

This event will mark the release of the WE FOR SHE Call to Action Report. WE FOR SHE is Canada's largest leadership diversity conference and provides young women with the confidence, mentorship, and exposure to ideas necessary to be successful now and in the future. WE FOR SHE 2018 will build upon this Action Plan which helps individuals champion leadership diversity by speaking up, stepping up, and acting up.

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This event is presented by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Women's Leadership Circle (WLC) Program. The WLC is an inclusive program that recognizes the need for diversity in leadership. Launched in 2007, the WLC has grown to become one of the largest women's business networking groups in Canada. Based on the pillars of connections, conversations, recognition and advocacy, the WLC is engaged in the social, business and political communities in which the Board operates. Learn more at boardoftrade.com/programs.