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Taking Digital to the Next Level


The team at GVBOT has been hard at work transforming how we interact and engage our members through digital channels and this weekend marks a very exciting milestone in our journey.

Starting 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 27 and over the August long weekend, we will be deploying a major update to our digital infrastructure. This update is the backbone of what will be a series of releases in the coming years to improve member experience, connectivity, and staff productivity. The changes will also enhance the privacy and security of our network. While we are making the updates, event registration and member login will be disabled.

As Chair of the Board and the committee overseeing this work, I'm thrilled to take this next step towards achieving the vision set out in our Strategic Plan. While the majority of the changes in this first update will be visible only to staff for backend processing, visitors to our website will see changes to the login process and event registration systems.

As we began the journey to elevate our digital experience, we found that many members and organizations were considering how they might do the same. We know how daunting a task it is to keep pace, and that's why we are launching a new Digital Transformation Workshop (DTW) in early August. The program is a one-day workshop delivered through World Trade Centre Vancouver that brings together all the partners and expertise you need to prepare and implement a next-level digital experience for your customers and stakeholders.

So, while the Board of Trade is making changes, we are also supporting our members along the same journey. It is this spirit of collaboration and convening that will help us realize our vision to lead, unite and champion business to ensure Greater Vancouver is thriving and our region is the best place to live and work.
We look forward to engaging with you on our new digital platform August 2nd and beyond.

Kirsten Sutton, ICD.D
2021-22 Chair, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
Chief Technology & Information Officer

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