GVBOT is Evolving

We are Western Canada's leading business association, known as one of the country’s busiest and most sought-after events platforms. Since 1887, we have engaged Members to impact public policy to create a thriving region and a prosperous economy. Our membership comprises one third of BC’s workforce. Through our collective strength, we educate, inform, connect, and leverage this expertise.

We are in a unique time of transformation. Enabled by technology and society’s changing priorities, the way we work and live is rapidly changing. There is more reliance than ever on business to lead the change on public policy issues that impact our community.

Our region, still a vital gateway for natural resource development, commerce and trade, is a growing hub for technology, culture, apparel, and more. As we diversify and grow, we are striving to be a model of a sustainable, resilient, equitable and truly world-class city-region.

We are committed to ensuring Greater Vancouver is thriving and our region is the best place to live and work. This requires us to find new and innovative ways to engage our members, broaden our reach to new sectors, and to leverage their expertise, developing more resources to support businesses and creating a stronger voice to build a more competitive and prosperous community together.


To lead, unite, and champion business to ensure Greater Vancouver is thriving and our region is the best place to live and work.


To be an active, innovative, trusted, credible business organization, known for influencing decision-makers, and educating, connecting with, and engaging our communities.


To provide leadership, information and connections, and public policy support that help ensure the Greater Vancouver region is competitive and the preferred Pacific Gateway for trade, commerce, and travel.


To be the most trusted, diverse and influential resource for business in B.C.

2021-24 GOALS

3-Year Strategic Plan


We will optimize our member value proposition, so we are the business member association of choice in our region


We will build a more diverse membership and foster increased cooperation to ensure our region is thriving


We will grow our influence and impact through policy development and advocacy, and activate our members to amplify our efforts


Objective 1: Build Sustainable Growth

Grow and diversify revenue streams beyond membership and event revenue

  • 1.1 Enhance Member Value
  • 1.2 Build capacity in local businesses
  • 1.3 Increase Membership

Objective 2: Increase Influence and Impact

Be the voice of business on regional policies that create jobs, grow our economy, and increase competitiveness

  • 2.1 Develop policies and advocate on behalf of members
  • 2.2 Foster Government and stakeholder relations
  • 2.3 Expand partnerships and alliances

Objective 3: Empower and Activate Members

Actively engage members and leverage their expertise to amplify our efforts

  • 3.1 Evolve events model
  • 3.2 Increase interactive content
  • 3.3 Increase diversity
  • 3.4 Grow GVBOT profile

Our work to evolve the organization will result in:

  • Enabling GVBOT to have a greater voice in regional public policy.
  • Uniting and strengthening our business community.
  • Growing GVBOT beyond traditional sectors, communities and geographical borders.
  • Providing tools and resources to create jobs and grow businesses.
  • Aligning revenue with impact and building financial resiliency.