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GVBOT blog editorial policy


The following content is intended for any person or organization that is a member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade or a guest collaborator and wants to contribute to our blog. Its aim is to help contributors understand the publishing, management, and presentation standards for our content.

This blog is a platform through which we share information for the benefit of the Greater Vancouver business community. Our goal is to help business owners access the information, insight, and advice they need to help make Vancouver a better place to live and work.

It is a platform is run by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and the organization has sole discretion over what is published to it.

Our purpose, mission, and vision

OUR PURPOSE: To lead, unite and champion business to ensure Greater Vancouver is thriving and our region is the best place to live and work.

OUR VISION: To be an active, innovative, trusted, credible business organization, known for influencing decision-makers, and educating, connecting with, and engaging our communities.

OUR MISSION: To provide leadership, information and connections, and public policy support that help ensure the Greater Vancouver region is competitive and the preferred Pacific Gateway for trade, commerce, and travel.

WE ARE informed, respectful, principled, collaborative, and professional

How do we select blog content?

Who can contribute?

  • Any person or organization that is a member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.
  • Any person or organization solicited by the GVBOT that writes content as a guest collaborator.
  • All submitted content must meet requirements laid out in this editorial policy.
  • The decision to publish any contributed content is taken at the sole discretion of the GVBOT.
  • All contributions are made on a voluntary basis and are not subject to any remuneration.

What kind of content is published?

  • The GVBOT blog is where readers expect to find expert content that offers advice, insight, and information on subjects that impact their businesses.
  • Posts on the blog are helpful, not-self promotional. There is no jargon or corporate speak.

We judge contributions based on the following criteria:

Expertise – We publish content from contributors who are well-versed in the subject-matter they are writing about.

Accuracy – In addition to their own subject matter knowledge, contributors must be able to support their claims and ideas through research and data.

Insight – Our readers come to the blog for insight, as such all content published must offer insight and expertise that will bring value to their busy lives.

Independence – The GVBOT blog is a non-partisan publication. No promotional or partisan content will be included.

Relevance – Only content that is relevant to our readers, the Greater Vancouver business community, will be published.

What format should contributions be made in?

  • Content may be submitted in written format, produced to the Canadian Press style.
  • You must include an image with your submitted content. This must take the form of a copyright-free photograph.
  • Blog posts must be between a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 900 words in length.

What are the conditions for selection?

  • We will not publish any content that is offensive, sexist, or discriminatory in nature.
  • Sources must be identified. Contributors must make sure to hold the copyright for the material being submitted, as only original content will be accepted.
  • By submitting content for publication contributors automatically agree to the conditions laid out in this editorial policy.
  • The GVBOT reserves the right to edit the title or certain parts of a text before publication; contributors will be made aware of the changes before publication.
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