2nd annual EDI forum – full day conference

Building a Better Future Together through Diversity and Inclusivity

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Friday, June 23, 2023
8:00 AM
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Schedule:Registration & Breakfast: 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. PT
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Mo Amir

Mo Amir
Talk Show Host

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2nd Annual EDI Forum 2023

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (DLC) is pleased to invite you to our second annual EDI forum, a full day conference aimed at inspiring action, results, and impact in the workplace and beyond.

A diverse, inclusive, equitable and accessible workforce comes with numerous advantages including employee engagement and retention. Systemic and equitable change requires ongoing learning, reflection, and collaboration by individuals at all levels.

Join us on June 23 for a series of panel discussions and interactive workshops, where you can walk away with strategies to build and leverage a diverse talent pipeline, resources for impactful decision-making, and ideas for creating and maintaining inclusive and supportive work environments where employees can thrive.


Waneek Horn-Miller

Waneek Horn-Miller
Mohawk Olympian
Activist and Speaker on Indigenous Health and Reconciliation



Kory Wilson

Kory Wilson
Executive Director
Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships



Joel Dembe

Joel Dembe
Accessibility and Diversity Expert
5-time Canadian National Wheelchair Tennis Champion



Session 1: Panel Discussion

Inclusive Environments: Getting Ready for your Diverse Workforce

We clean our homes before inviting our guests in, so wouldn’t it make sense to do that in our place of work? Before building a diverse workforce, having an organization-wide EDI strategy with clearly defined training and procedures embedded into company operations ensures a welcoming environment for all with long-term success, despite management changes. This panel will discuss strategies and best practices for removing bias and creating an inclusive and equitable environment for employees.


Doug Chiu   Jeanette Genge   Shelley Gray   Yat Li  Stephanie Redivo

Doug Chiu, Partner, Hammerco Lawyers LLP
Jeanette Genge, Director of Culture and Talent, BCAA
Shelley Gray, Chief Executive Officer, SkilledTradesBC
Yat Li, Senior Accessibility Consultant, President’s Group
Moderator: Stephanie Redivo, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director, TransLink

Session 2: Workshop

Allyship: Be Effective, Not Performative

Allyship. Is it simply a buzzword or is it the social and cultural imperative of our time? As the world seemingly becomes more divisive how can we find common ground and strive to create more equitable and inclusive communities and workplaces where we all feel that we belong? In this workshop we will explore what you really want to know about allyship but were afraid to ask!

We'll talk about:

  • Why allyship is so important, now more than ever.
  • Who should be an ally (spoiler alert: all of us!)
  • What it means to be an ally (hint: ally is a verb - action is required).
  • When to be an ally (and when not to be).
  • How to spend your everyday privilege as an ally in action and move from performative to effective.

You will leave with tools for your allyship toolkit than you can use right away, both in the workplace and in life!


Kristin Bower  Annika Lofstrand

Kristin Bower, Partner and DEI Consultant, Leda HR
Annika Lofstrand, Partner and DEI Consultant, Leda HR

Session 3: Panel Discussion

Leadership for Change: Building Inclusive Cultures and Maximizing the Power of Diversity

Building truly inclusive cultures starts from the top. While implementing training and HR policies are key to long term success, leaders must first commit to setting an example and continuously work at recognizing and removing bias, promoting inclusion and being an effective ally. This panel will be a conversation with senior executives who have seen and understand the benefits of building a diverse workforce and fostering safe and inclusive environments and who have committed to being champions for transformational change.


Richard Beed Monica Mochoruk   Walter Pela   Kam Raman

Richard Beed, Vice President of People and Brand, Vancouver Airport Authority
Monica Mochoruk, Vice President, Talent Management, Parkland Corporation
Walter Pela, Regional Managing Partner, KPMG
Kam Raman, Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada

Additional speakers to be announced

Session 4: Workshop

EDI in Action: Practical Tips for Getting Started on an EDI Action Plan Today

Implementing change can be daunting, especially when it comes to your workplace EDI strategy. Identifying gaps, prioritizing efforts, and implementing strategies to create an accessible, inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace is a journey and will look different depending on the type of work environment. In this last session of the day, we'll bring together the takeaways from the day and set you on a path to begin your EDI strategy.

In this workshop, we will work through case studies simulating the challenges and opportunities that exist at different size companies. From this session, you will create an implementation plan on how to move forward with your learnings from the day and an idea exchange with colleagues.


Manpreet Dhillon  Shreya Sehgal  

Manpreet Dhillon, Founder, Veza Global
Shreya Sehgal, IDEA+B Consultant, Veza Global

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This event is presented by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (DLC) Program. The DLC, an evolution of the Women's Leadership Council program, is an inclusive program that champions and advocates for leadership that best reflects the diversity of the Greater Vancouver region. The DLC focuses on addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion to encourage allyship and enhance business innovation. The DLC is committed to investing in the participation and promotion of underrepresented groups, while supporting the business community to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. Learn more boardoftrade.com/programs.