The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the manufacturing, improvement, and distribution processes of companies operating in British Columbia. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape and amidst global economic shifts, industrial innovation has become increasingly significant to the rebuilding of our industrial base. B.C.’s port and trade-related sectors, along with our natural resource operations have long been a cornerstone of our economic base, providing good jobs and net governments to government.

While demonstrating remarkable innovation and progress, businesses in British Columbia are not shielded from the challenges stemming from escalating costs and a competitive investment climate. Our recent Counting the Costs report estimates that B.C. businesses will shoulder an additional $6.5 billion in government costs. As we seek to revitalize investments and cultivate new opportunities within B.C.'s industries, including the waterfront, innovation becomes paramount to drive our competitiveness and future prosperity. 

Join us as we collectively shape the future of British Columbia's industries, laying the foundation for a prosperous and innovative economy. Placing industrial businesses at the forefront of the conversation, this event will look at B.C.'s potential for innovation and investment, while exploring the prospects presented by global trends. 

Panel Discussion:

Jordan Pechie  Eric Waltz  Hayley Woodin Hastings  

Jordan Pechie, Sr Vice President, Seaspan Marine Transportation
Eric Waltz, President, GCT Canada
Moderator: Hayley Woodin Hastings, Editor-in-Chief, BIV

Additional panellists to be announced.

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