Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Referral Program

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade new referral program will reward our members with account credits that can be used for GVBOT products and programing.

Reward Levels

Chair Circle


Presidents Circle









Terms and Conditions


  • Eligible Participants. All Program participants shall be Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) members in good standing.
  • Earning Rewards. GVBOT will credit a member’s account when a referral leads to a new member joining the GVBOT at a business level account.  The reward will be allocated to the referring members account once the Membership Agreement has been executed and payment has been secured.  Credits will be awarded at the sole discretion of the GVBOT.  Funds will not be awarded for referrals that are existing members or on potential members that the GVBOT is already actively engaged in Membership discussions.
  • Exchanging Credits for Rewards. Credits are void other than for use in exchange for membership renewal, GVBOT events, or GVBOT advertising assets. Account credits cannot be exchanged for cash. All account credits must be redeemed with 1 calendar year of earning.  All unused credits will be forfeited.
  • Reward Recipients. When submitted to the Director, Member Services, each redemption request must identify the Reward recipients (the individual(s) participating in the Reward). Members are not allowed to submit a request for point redemption where the Reward recipient(s) is/are not identified or is/are “to be identified”. For example, members are not allowed to submit a request for point redemption where the recipient is based upon a later event, such as a contest winner or charity auction bidder. Once issued, Reward designees cannot be changed.
  • Credits Non-Transferable. Credits are not transferable - through barter, exchange, or gift.  Any transfer or attempted transfer will render void the points transferred or subject to transfer.
  • Program Changes. GVBOT, in its discretion, change the Program rules, Rewards, and offers at any time with or without notice.