Women as a catalyst for economic growth

 Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today, the WEB Alliance of Women's Business Networks announced the release of a new report, Women as a Catalyst for Growth: A BC Action Plan, which identifies key barriers and solutions to increasing the economic impact of women in British Columbia.

This Action Plan represents an incredible collaboration of people and organizations from across British Columbia who aim to grow the economic impact of women in this province and is a direct result of the B.C. Economic Forum hosted by The Vancouver Board of Trade in October 2014.

The plan outlines key steps that government, businesses, and individuals can take to enhance opportunities for women, beginning today. The impact comes from every organization and individual taking action now. We hope that in this plan, you will find strategies that you can implement in your sphere and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

We invite you to review the full Action Plan or the summary report.

Take our Leadership Challenge

The Vancouver Board of Trade is a proud partner of the Women as a Catalyst for Economic Growth report.

We're also encouraging you — our Members — to take active steps to increase gender diversity in leadership at your organization by taking our Leadership Challenge.

All participants will be entered to win one of four pairs of tickets to hear RBC Chair Kathleen Taylor speak at The Vancouver Board of Trade's 128th Annual General Meeting on June 26.

For more information on the Leadership Challenge or the report, email .


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