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Sept. 22, 2016

VANCOUVER — Four chambers of commerce from across the Lower Mainland are joining forces to provide networking and professional development opportunities for millennials beginning their careers.

Since 2007, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has offered a program called the Company of Young Professionals, with events and workshops catered specifically to those under the age of 35. The program will be expanded to include Members of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, and Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, as part of an exciting new regional partnership.  

“When a young person is starting his or her career, that individual needs advice, inspiration, and connections with others in the business community. The Company of Young Professionals program fosters an environment where millennials can learn from seasoned business leaders while forging long-lasting relationships with other young professionals,” said Iain Black, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. “We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership, which will help create a strong, interconnected business community across our region.”

“Collaboration is the key to greater success for all. That’s why the North Vancouver Chamber is partnering with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and other regional chambers on the Company of Young Professionals program,” said Louise Ranger, CEO of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. “Together, we can support the next generation of business leaders for the future success of our region.”

“The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been a leader engaging with millennial professionals as they advance in their careers. We’re excited to be partnering with the Company of Young Professionals program in 2016-17, to expand this excellent networking and development initiative to young leaders in Richmond,” said Rob Akimow, Chair of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

“In less than a decade, one in every two people in the world’s workforce will be a millennial. This staggering data underscores how important the demographic is to the future of our regional, provincial, and national economies — not to mention the future of business organizations and chambers of commerce,” added Michael Hind, CEO of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. 

“Programs such as the Company of Young Professionals are crucial to our collective success, and will help ensure the chamber movement remains relevant to Greater Vancouver’s next generation of business leaders.”

To learn more about the Company of Young Professionals, including the program’s upcoming networking events, development workshops, volunteer opportunities, and more, visit boardoftrade.com/CYP.


About the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce:

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit organization comprised of businesses, professionals, and other community groups working together to ensure a sustainable local economy that supports a true live, work and play community.  Our goal is to maximize economic opportunities by fostering business growth, attracting new business and advocating for supportive business policies.

About the Richmond Chamber of Commerce:

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is a broad-based non-profit membership association, celebrating over 90 years of commitment to make Richmond the most prosperous and favorable place to do business.

About the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce:

The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce is a membership based proactive network of business-minded individuals that are committed to acting as an accessible, visible, supportive and reciprocal resource to our members and the Tri-Cities at large, communicating their collective voice to help shape a prosperous business community.

About the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade:

Since its inception in 1887, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been recognized as Pacific Canada’s leading business association, engaging members to positively impact public policy at all levels of government and to succeed and prosper in the global economy. With a Membership whose employees comprise one-third of B.C.’s workforce, we are the largest business association between Victoria and Toronto. We leverage this collective strength, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing professional development through four unique Signature Programs. In addition, we operate one of the largest events programs in the country, providing a platform for national and international business and thought leaders to further enlighten B.C.’s business leaders.

Media contacts:

Louise Ranger
CEO, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
604 987-4488 |

Matt Pitcairn
President and CEO, Richmond Chamber of Commerce
604 278-2822 |

Michael Hind
CEO, Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce
604-468-6870 |

Greg Hoekstra
Communications Manager, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
604-640-5450 |


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