For Immediate Release
Feb. 22, 2019

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Earlier today, the National Energy Board released its reconsideration report on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, which recommends to the federal government that the project should move ahead, given that it is in the Canadian public interest.

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade views today’s report as a positive step forward. Our organization has long advocated in favour of the expansion project, given the significant economic benefits it would bring to our provincial and national economies.

Today’s report specifically reviewed the impacts of project-related marine shipping. The report includes 156 conditions that would be imposed on the project if it moves forward. These conditions are intended to help mitigate risks and protect the marine environment and communities.

The National Energy Board has also made 16 recommendations to the federal government related to project-related marine shipping, including cumulative effects management for the Salish Sea, measures to offset increased underwater noise and increased strike risk posted to SARA-listed marine mammal and fish species, marine oil spill response, marine shipping and small vessel safety, reduction of GHG emissions from marine vessels, and the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the project.

“We are encouraged by today’s reconsideration report, which is a key milestone along the path to ultimately building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project,” said Hon. Iain Black, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. “Our organization has long maintained that this project will bring a host of economic and social benefits to communities across British Columbia.”

If approved, the project would expand the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton and Burnaby, nearly tripling its capacity to ship oil from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day. It includes 987 kilometres of new pipeline.

The report is one of the factors that the federal government will consider when making the final decision on whether the project should proceed. There are also ongoing consultations with Indigenous communities. The National Energy Board was given 155 days to complete its reconsideration process.

For more information, visit neb-one.gc.ca.


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