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September 1, 2020

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Today, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) launched its Economic Recovery Plan, presenting a clear path forward to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Delivered to the Government of British Columbia in the summer as part of their COVID-19 recovery consultation, the detailed plan lays out a framework for safely restarting the economy that will not only protect businesses now, but also ensure the region's resilience.

The GVBOT plan is based on three-pillars: helping businesses survive, transforming our region, and investing in the future.

"Bold vision is required to help businesses not only survive but to emerge more resilient and competitive. With the right actions, I am confident that we will not only overcome these economic challenges but also make necessary progress on broader societal issues," said Bridgitte Anderson, President & CEO of Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. "To realize a full and resilient recovery, the government must act now with immediate measures that get people to work and lay the foundation for a strong economic future."

In the current climate, many businesses need help simply to survive. Immediate effective measures that help businesses recover and get people back to work safely are required. Certain sectors, especially ones that have broader economic impacts, will require tailored plans so that they can get back to work. During this fragile period, it is crucial that the government refrain from implementing measures that add administrative burden, red tape, or costs on to struggling businesses.

As British Columbia begins its economic recovery, it must also transform our region and prepare for the future. This means focusing on policies that will make our economy more competitive in the long-run and resilient against future COVID-19 outbreaks. For businesses, this means cutting red tape, creating better investment conditions, direct cash flow support, and reducing/making regulations more efficient. 

"We must approach economic recovery efforts with the same determination as the public health emergency," said Anderson. "As we deal with the challenges of today, we must also plan for the future so that we can emerge from this crisis as a more resilient and competitive region." 

We are now at an inflection point that should spur action needed to rebuild and restart. It is now time to address critical issues and bring prosperity to all British Columbians.

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About the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade:
Since its inception in 1887, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been recognized as Pacific Canada's leading business association, engaging members to impact public policy at all levels of government and to succeed and prosper in the global economy. With a Membership whose employees comprise one-third of B.C.'s workforce, we are the largest business association between Victoria and Toronto. We leverage this collective strength, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing professional development through four unique Signature Programs. In addition, we operate one of the largest events programs in the country, providing a platform for national and international thought leaders to enlighten B.C.'s business leaders.


Media contact:

David van Hemmen
Director, Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade



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