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March 31, 2022

VANCOUVER, B.C.—An inaugural class of Metro Vancouver business leaders spanning many sectors are accessing a new training program to put ESG practices into action.

The ESG Fundamentals Microcredential equips individuals to understand their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact and develop solutions to improve their measurement and outcomes. The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade launched the ESG Fundamentals Microcredential in partnership with the BCIT School of Business + Media, and today marks the launch of the inaugural offering.

“B.C. businesses are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the global appetite for products and services that meet the highest standards of ethics and sustainability, but they need knowledge leaders who can help them build on that success,” noted Bridgitte Anderson, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. “Despite the B.C. advantage of a strong foundation in clean energy infrastructure, workforce diversity and governance transparency, organizations in our province want to do more.”

Expert instructors from BCIT and top-tier executives from the private sector have collaborated to provide a unique training program that blends theory and practical application. Geoff Pegg is leading the Governance Impacts session, drawing on his own experience as the Director of Sustainability and Environment at TELUS. “I think about how companies such as TELUS can work with citizens, communities, customers, Indigenous Peoples and other stakeholders to make a positive social and environmental impact when executing on its purpose, while managing associated risks with relevant oversight,” Pegg explained.

Participants in the program will work with instructors and industry leaders to craft an ESG Roadmap tailored to their organization. The individually tailored plans will identify actions and create momentum to put that plan into action. 

B.C. businesses have a long history of corporate social responsibility and have consistently demonstrated an appetite to go further. The ESG Fundamentals Microcredential is designed to equip leaders with the knowledge to do just that.



About the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade:

Since its inception in 1887, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been recognized as Pacific Canada’s leading business association, engaging members to positively impact public policy at all levels of government and to succeed and prosper in the global economy. With a Membership whose employees comprise one third of B.C.’s workforce, we are the largest business association between Victoria and Toronto. We leverage this collective strength, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing professional development through four unique Signature Programs. In addition, we operate one of the largest events businesses in the country, providing a platform for national and international business and thought leaders to further enlighten B.C.’s business leaders.


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