For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 18, 2023

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade President and CEO, Bridgitte Anderson, has issued a statement in response to the continuation of the port strike:

“We are dismayed and disappointed that the mediated deal was rejected by the ILWU and job action is recommencing at Canada’s west coast ports. In the first 13 days of job action, $9.9 billion in traded goods were affected, causing significant economic harm.

We are greatly concerned about the impacts the continuation of the strike will have on Canada’s international reputation as a reliable trade partner. In less than two weeks, business across Canada were facing shortages, temporary layoffs, and, in some cases, total shutdowns. The continuation of the strike will put these businesses at risk again.

Unfortunately, we are beginning the process of restarting our Port Shutdown Calculator tool, which estimates a total of $800 million in trade will be disrupted each day. We are renewing our call for an expedited resolution of this disruption. We need the federal government to be an active participant in finding a resolution to re-open our ports.”


About the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade:

Since its inception in 1887, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been recognized as Western Canada's leading business association, engaging our members to inform public policy at all levels of government and empowering them to succeed and prosper in the global economy. With a Membership whose employees comprise one-third of B.C.'s workforce, we are the largest business association between Victoria and Toronto. We leverage this collective strength, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing professional development through unique programs. In addition, we operate one of the largest events platforms in the country, providing a stage for national and international thought leaders to enlighten B.C.'s business leaders.

Media contact:

David van Hemmen or Rahul Ajwani
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
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