Why you should consider being an LOT mentor

The primary goal of the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) mentorship program® is for students to learn how to build relationships effectively with business professionals in a practical, enjoyable and informative way. As a mentor, you will be matched up with a mentee (student) for a one-year duration.

As a mentor in the LOT program, you have the opportunity to make a lasting and significant impact on a young person's life by sharing your knowledge and experience with an emerging leader. These are ambitious students who could help you gain insight on the impact of your business on their demographic. Furthermore, you can meet with proactive mentors from other organizations and expand your network while gaining insights from a different perspective.

More than half of our mentors return each year because they greatly enjoy participating in the program. LOT mentors develop their leadership skills, contribute to student success, share their experiences, and have an opportunity to reflect on their own career.

Here is what we ask of our mentors in the Leaders of Tomorrow program:

  • Meet regularly with your mentee (5-7 times) between September and August
  • Share your experiences, successes, and career challenges
  • Help your mentee develop goals for the year using the log book they are each provided at LOT Orientation evening
  • Try to attend the LOT Orientation and Graduation evening in September

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a cardholding Member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
  • Reside in the Greater Vancouver area from during the course of the program
  • Have a minimum of five years of work experience and be in a management or executive position
  • Be 30 years of age or older

The application takes 10-15 minutes.  

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Please note: Given the limited program capacity, we are unable to engage everyone who expresses an interest in being a mentor. We will provide updates prior to the fall orientation.

Immediate questions can be directed to .

What is the eligibility requirements to be an LOT mentor?

We ask that all mentors have a minimum of five years of work experience since completing post-secondary, hold a manager position and above, and are Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Members.

What is the time commitment to be a LOT mentor?

Each mentor is asked to meet with their student on a monthly basis and attend the LOT Orientation and Graduation in early September. The students are required to meet with their mentor 5 times to complete the LOT program. Phone calls and attending events together can also count as a meeting.

Who are the students that apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow program?

The students are from the top post-secondary institutions around the Lower Mainland and are entering their final year of post-secondary education.

How do you match the mentors with the mentees?

We take into consideration several criteria: field of study, hobbies, interests, and location.

What are the benefits of being a LOT mentor?

It may sound cliché, but you get to give back and potentially transform a student's life! You will get to share your wealth of experience and be a sounding board and cheerleader for an emerging leader. You will also be able to network with fellow mentors and other mentees who were all selected from a rigorous interview process.