2022 Business Distinction Awards

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Scale-up Centre for SMEs (SCS) is pleased to announce the 2022 Business Distinction Awards.

The purpose of the Business Distinction Awards is to recognize businesses that have gone above and beyond to set themselves apart in the Greater Vancouver region.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nominees must be based in Greater Vancouver, B.C.
  • Nominees must be SMEs with no more than 250 employees.
  • Nominations are open to GVBOT Members and Non-members.
  • Nominators may submit nominations for more than one business.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • A business may be a finalist in more than one category, however, they are limited to winning one category only.
  • Nominations are due on Friday, June 30, 2022

Award Categories:

  • Employer of the Year Award
    • Recognizes a business that has implemented best practices for recruitment and retention of employees, for example, by influencing employee motivation and happiness and creating an overall positive workplace culture.
  • Community Impact Award
    • Recognizes a business that has established a positive impact in their local community through programs, partnerships, and/or volunteerism.
  • Environmental Stewardship Award
    • Recognizes a business that has established a culture of environmental stewardship and business practices that reduce negative environmental impacts and increase environmental awareness within industry.
  • Digital Transformation Award
    • Recognizes the development and/or use of technology to improve the performance or reach of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Business Growth Award
    • Recognizes businesses that achieved significant growth in sales, staff, and impact within Canada. Two award sub-categories:
      • Businesses up to $5M in revenue
      • Businesses over $5M in revenue
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    Employer of the Year Award

    Please focus on the past year as well as the previous 5 years (if applicable).

    Please explain in what ways the organization is continuing to motivate and develop talent within the organization? *
    How does the organization use the above methods to recruit new employees? *
    How does the organization measure employee engagement? *

    Community Impact Award

    How has the organization gone above and beyond in supporting its local community? *
    How has this impacted employees / the organization? *
    What metrics or examples can you share that demonstrate impact? *
    Please provide any relevant documentation on programs that operated in 2021.
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    Environmental Stewardship Award

    How is Environmental Stewardship managed in the organization? *


    Please consider the following factors:

    • Carbon Credits | GHG Reduction | Carbon Neutrality
    • Zero Waste | Circularity
    • Water Usage | Reduction
    • Total Supply Chain Impact | Distance to Source
    • Green Financial | Investments, Investors, Reporting
    • Other?
    What metrics are used to establish the organization's role as an Environmental Steward. *
    Please provide situational examples that demonstrate the organization's role as an Environmental Steward. *
    Please explain how Environmental Stewardship is fundamental to the organization and strategy. *

    Digital Transformation Award

    How, and to what extent, has the organization leveraged technology, data and process enhancements to: improve performance, increase market share, expand geographical reach, or enter new industries/distribution channels? *
    How, and to what extent, has the organization successfully connected technology advances to organizational change. (i.e. How has the organization ensured that the technology changes were supported by human systems and will provide lasting benefits?) *
    Please provide some context for how success or progress in 2021 fits into the organizations longer term business strategy. *

    Business Growth Award

    Company Website
    Revenue Band

    Growth achieved during the organization's most recent full financial year: *

    • % Growth in revenue over most recent full financial year; and
    • % Increase in # of employees (FTEs) at end of last financial year compared to start

    Growth achieved over last 5 years: *

    • % Growth in revenue over last 5 full financial years
    • % Increase in # of employees (FTEs) at end of last financial year compared to 5 full financial years ago

    Growth in impact over last 5 years: *

    • Describe the nature and scale of the positive impact that the organization has had over the last 5 years (50 word max)
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