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A quintessential cross-border e-commerce workshop that equips small to medium-sized enterprises for online market entry and international market development.

Integrated e-commerce is growing twice as fast as domestic e-commerce and expected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021.

World Trade Centre Vancouver is pleased to present Integrated e-Commerce Essentials (ICE), a workshop that helps businesses discover, learn, and create an integrated online strategy to drive global sales.

The ICE workshop complements the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) by providing companies with in-depth hands-on training and techniques to succeed in cross-border e-commerce.

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What Others Are Saying

I wish this program was available many years ago. Learning best practices, hints and tips would have saved us time and money instead of going through costly trial and error.

Kryton International Inc.

The Integrated e-Commerce Essentials workshop provided valuable insight for our branding and export teams. The presentations were interesting and the speakers were engaging. We learned a lot and would recommend this program to any small or medium business looking to get into international e-commerce.

Whistler Water

I really enjoyed the ICE Program. It's a lot to take in, but the marketing advice was extremely helpful in preparing our marketing plan for the year. We have gone back over the slides many times and keep finding it more and more valuable!

Spain Gourmet Canada

New trade agreements and a competitive Canadian dollar make it an ideal time to extend your company's reach through the export of goods and services online.

Through the Integrated e-Commerce Essentials (ICE) workshop, you can:

  • Discover what online strategy will best achieve your international e-commerce sales goals
  • Learn which tools can help you predict current and future global demand for your product or service
  • Create an integrated online strategy to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion

How long is the workshop?

Integrated e-Commerce Essentials is a half-day highly interactive workshop.

What happens during the workshop?

Leading Canadian export advisors will help your business create an online strategy to drive global sales. You will discuss cultural considerations when targeting your ideal clients and how to develop an online 24/7 sales funnel system that can convert leads into long-term customers. The support will include interactive presentations, completing an online strategy blueprint, and a case study where you will discuss and apply what you have learned. 

Which companies should enroll?

ICE is designed for growth-orientated SMEs:

  • Seeking assistance to expand their international footprint online
  • With a proven track-record of domestic sales
  • Willing to actively participate in the program

What is the benefit to my company?

You can accelerate your business's online growth through the International e-Commerce Essentials workshop, saving you time and energy by pulling together resources, information, and contacts you need to go global. If you have ever considered expanding to a new market, now is the time.

What happens after the workshop ends?

We anticipate that your company will be working with our Lead and Supporting Partners to activate your international e-commerce blueprint. These Partners have grants, information and contacts that can be leveraged for your benefit. Additionally, World Trade Centre Vancouver will continue to stay in touch to track your progress and to help where needed.

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