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The World Trade Centre Vancouver’s (WTC-V) Market Activation Program (MAP) is an experiential program offering bilateral trade missions and trade education for Canadian businesses seeking commercial opportunities and greater access to international markets. The program prepares companies to understand markets, tackle trade challenges, and activate sales internationally. MAP is strategically guided by the WTC-V’s Regional Export Framework (REF) which identifies key industries and sectors of opportunity for Greater Vancouver and BC based SMEs.

The MAP Formula: A Three-Layer Approach

MAP offers SMEs the opportunity to build and refine their export strategy focusing on a specific market and product. We partner with the best-in-class subject matter experts to offer the most complete experience. Three pillars guide the program:

    • Market Education: Understand the market, identify the opportunity, and how to take advantage of it.
    • Activation Workshop: This workshop is an interactive program that sets pre-market entry objectives for SMEs, and guides them in their preparation to enter a specific market; from logistics and financing to sales and business etiquette.
    • In-Market Business Development: The MAP team takes you to your target market – virtually and/or in person. These missions are focused on business development. You and your team will receive highly curated B2B programming, networking opportunities, and will join key trade shows.

Provincial Strategy

Regional Export Framework – While developing WTC-V‘s programming, it became clear that more data on priority markets and sectors was needed to determine the best markets to export or expand business via the curation of out-bound and in-bound missions.

The findings of the World Trade Centre Vancouver's Regional Export Framework, highlight opportunities within our priority markets and sectors to strengthen international trade, and offers a comprehensive analysis of our region's Gateway.

The Framework serves as a reference guide, identifying the export markets that present key opportunities for B.C., Greater Vancouver and indigenous businesses.

What Missions Achieve

MAP programs work on trade-readiness and bring Canadian businesses together with partners in global markets to take your products and services overseas.


A Growing number of SMEs have benefitted from the Market Activation Program.

"The Market Activation Program has given Virtro Entertainment access to many wonderful and lucrative networking opportunities. The World Trade Centre team continues to bring topical, engaging speakers to their stage allowing for the continued development of TAP and ICE graduates long after graduation."


"The Market Activation Program has been a great way to Aji Gourmet to continue gaining in depth knowledge about specific market outsite of our initial scope."


"The Market Activation Program provided Wise Bites with a network of expertise beyond what we could have achieved on our own. The barrier to these key individuals have been removed an we've been able to learn from the top expert in their field. Beyond that, the facilitators have given us the confidentce to proceed in the journey of Exports."


"This was one of the more informative sessions I have attended. Now only was it easy to understand, but the take aways from the session were incredible. I have been able to help many clients of mine understand the importance of clearly defining the incoterm that is most useful and acceptable to them, earlier on in their negotiation process."


"We were invited to participate in the BC - Indonesian Bilateral Trade Mission and truly glad we did. To be honest we weren't certain what to expect as this was our first International initiative. We were very impressed with the entire process. The agenda stayed true to time commitments. The guest speakers provide valuable information. We were able to observe other marketing resources from BC and use them in our own exporting procedures. Since our participation we have built bridges with international businesses and have befriended them on social media platforms such as LinkedIN and Facebook. This was our first trade mission and we really look forward to the next invitation - we are here to empower our people, thank you for empowering our team to make huge impacts in the coming weeks, months and years. "


"The B.C. Indonesia Trade Delegation was a success as we saw many interested parties, both from B.C. and Indonesia. There are many opportunities for collaboration to be explored that will benefit and encourage economic recovery for both sides in this post-pandemic period.
We look forward to more cooperation with B.C. based businesses and the B.C. government through the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade/World Trade Centre – Vancouver."

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Vancouver


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