To apply for the Trade Accelerator Program please carefully complete the application form below. The data you enter will be used to evaluate your qualification for the program as well as provide workshop presenters with information on whom they are presenting to.

Please be aware that all questions in the form below are mandatory.

Eligibility Guidelines

TAP is designed for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses who are:

  • requiring assistance to expand their international footprint
  • already exporting a product or service, wishing to diversify its export markets
  • new to exporting that have taken exploratory steps abroad
  • typically generating more than $500,000 in annual revenue
  • offering products or services with a strong competitive advantage
  • as a result of quality or patent protection
  • willing to actively participate in the program and commit two senior representatives
  • Is a good corporate citizen, devoid of corruption, environment, and human rights violations

Have questions? Call the TAP B.C. team on 604-640-5491 or email .

For details on when and where TAP takes place visit Program Dates.


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10. What percentage of your business sales is online via ecommerce platforms?

11. What is your annual expenditure on the following operational aspects:

12. What is your main export challenge?

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  • Release the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade from any liability whatsoever and they hereby waive any recourse, claim or legal action of any kind whatsoever.
  • Authorize the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade to share the information collected in this form, including contact information, with the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)’s partnering organizations.
  • Acknowledge that Companies nominated by TAP Sponsors or Partners may qualify for a bursary. Nominated companies who do not attend all four (4) TAP sessions and complete an export plan prior to the One-on-One Mentoring Day will be liable for the full program fee.

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Fasken BDO Skidmore Group Air Canada BDC Purolator