Board of Trade supports redevelopment of historic Stock Exchange building

The Vancouver Board of Trade has expressed support for the proposed redevelopment of the historic Vancouver Stock Exchange in the Center Business District (CBD) of Vancouver.

Board gives feedback on the city's Transportation 2040 Plan

The Vancouver Board of Trade provided comments to the City of Vancouver recently regarding the proposed Transportation 2040 Plan.

Board of Trade and BC Chamber CEOs discuss TransLink funding on The Bill Good Show

Vancouver Board of Trade President and CEO Iain Black and BC Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Winter appeared on CKNW’s The Bill Good Show on Oct. 18, to share their views on TransLink funding.

Board of Trade and BC Chamber urge mayors to take a leadership role on transit funding

The BC Chamber of Commerce and The Vancouver Board of Trade took the unprecedented step of issuing a joint statement on October 17, calling for the Mayors’ Council to approve a time-limited property tax increase to support transit funding.

Board of Trade makes pre-budget recommendations to Provincial Government

The Vancouver Board of Trade has made a number of recommendations to the Government of British Columbia in advance of the 2013-2014 provincial budget.

Board applauds deficit announcement, calls for continued spending restraint

The Vancouver Board of Trade welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Province ended its fiscal year with a smaller deficit than forecasted.

Board expresses conditional support for removing downtown viaducts

The Vancouver Board of Trade has sent a letter to City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberton and city council expressing its conditional support of a proposal to replace the Georgia Viaducts.

Federal Budget 2012-2013 highlights for business owners and managers

Vancouver Board of Trade gives federal budget 2012-2013 an 'A' grade

Vancouver Board of Trade gives B.C. Budget 2012-2013 a 'B' grade

The Vancouver Board of Trade, representing 5,000 business members in the Lower Mainland, has assigned an overall grade of 'B' to the provincial budget 2012/2013 based on the B.C. Government’s steady progress on economic vision, spending and debt.