Our Regional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee monitors, studies and advocates for policies concerning the movement of goods, people, and services in our region. The committee brings together transportation stakeholders in the region, and advocates for an appropriate balance between the movement of goods and the movement of people. The committee discusses all topics related to transportation and infrastructure including technology and innovation, sustainability and clean technology, ongoing major projects in the region, all modes of transportation (rail, air, port, highways, etc.) and supporting Canada's supply chains.


2023-24 Co-Chair: Solomon Wong
2023-24 Co-Chair: Peta Wolmarans
2023-24 Co-Chair: Tyler Banick

2022-23 Co-Chair: Solomon Wong
2022-23 Co-Chair: Robin Johnston

2021-22 Co-Chair: Jan Pezarro
2021-22 Co-Chair: Robin Johnston

2020-21 Co-Chair: Paul Levelton
2020-21 Co-Chair: Jan Pezarro

2019-20 Chair: Paul Levelton
2019-20 Vice-Chair: Jan Pezarro

2018-19 Co-Chair: Paul Levelton
2018-19 Co-Chair: Marian Robson

2017-18 Co-Chair: Marian Robson
2017-18 Co-Chair: Paul Levelton

2016-17 Co-Chair: Marian Robson
2016-17 Co-Chair: Paul Levelton

2015-16 Co-Chair: Marian Robson
2015-16 Co-Chair: John Collings