3rd Annual EDI Forum – Full Day Conference

2024 EDI Forum: The Business of EDI

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
8:30 AM
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3nd Annual EDI Forum 2023

In a world marked by increasing polarization, new and innovative strategies and approaches that go beyond conventional boundaries are required to build bridges and create a more inclusive and united community.

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council invites you on a journey on what it takes to get to a truly inclusive and equitable world, making the case that diversity is better for business. Using the five stages of DEI maturity as a foundation, we’ll look at legislation and compliance, data-driven decision-making and practical approaches, and how to move from tactics to integrated, strategic and sustainable processes for businesses.

With interactive workshops and inspiring keynote sessions you will:

  • Become equipped with practical tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of building an inclusive community in today's changing and polarized world.
  • Engage with thought leaders and change-makers who are at the forefront of redefining the conversation around EDI.
  • Gain valuable insights into the power of inclusive leadership, the impact of technology on diversity, and fresh perspectives on fostering a sense of belonging.

Together, let's embark on a journey towards understanding, collaboration, and transformation of our communities. Be part of the movement to create a more connected, empathetic, and inclusive future.



A conversation with Lainey Lui

Lainey will kick off this year's EDI Forum in this conversation-style presentation and address the big questions on people's minds amidst the changing EDI landscape and against a backdrop of geopolitical conflict, climate change and technology advancement.

Lainey Lui

Elaine "Lainey" Lui
Founder and Editor


Bridgitte Anderson

Moderator: Bridgitte Anderson
President and CEO
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Session 2: Panel Discussion

EDI Legislation and HR Compliance in Practice

This panel will delve into the intersection of EDI legislation and compliance from both legal and HR perspectives. As organizations strive to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces, understanding legislation such as the Pay Transparency Act, Employment Equity Act and Accessibility Canada Act alongside HR best practices for recruitment, training, performance management, and workplace accommodations is essential for mitigating risks and driving long-term meaningful change.


Dave Bhauruth  

Dave Bhauruth, Executive Director, Reconciliation & EDI, British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives

Additional panellists to be announced

Session 3: Breakout Sessions

Track 1 - Leveraging Analytics for an Effective EDI Strategy

This workshop will examine how organizations leverage data analytics and metrics to inform their EDI strategies and measure progress. Best practices for collecting and analyzing diversity data, identifying areas for improvement, and using data-driven insights will be shared and linked to case studies.

Facilitated by Inclusivity


Track 2 - The Business Case for EDI

This session will dive into the compelling business case for organizations to embrace EDI as a strategic imperative. Hear from organizations that have made EDI a pillar of their strategic plan, strategies for implementation, and the benefits to their bottom line.

Panellists to be announced

Session 4: Breakout Sessions

Track 1 - Small Steps, Big Impact: Strategies for EDI Success in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion practices and policies within any organization is essential for driving success, attracting top talent, and remaining competitive. However small and medium-sized businesses typically face unique challenges, mainly related to resources and capacity that limit the scope and effectiveness of implementing EDI policies. This panel discussion brings together businesses that are navigating these challenges to explore strategies for removing barriers to inclusion.   


Rosine Hage-Moussa  

Rosine Hage-Moussa, Director of Events, Programs & EDI Initiatives, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Additional panellists to be announced

Track 2 - An Integrated Model: Effective Diversity and Inclusion at Large Enterprise and Public Sector Organizations

Larger enterprises and public sector organizations play a pivotal role in serving diverse communities and upholding principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. As stewards of public trust and resources, these organizations have a responsibility to foster inclusive workplaces and advance social equity. This panel discussion brings together experts and leaders from larger organizations to explore effective strategies tailored to the unique context, availability of resources and challenges faced by larger enterprises and public sector organizations.


Stephanie Redivo   Giselle Blackman  

Stephanie Redivo, Director, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, TransLink
Moderator: Giselle Blackman, Vice President, HR, Fit Foods

Additional panellists to be announced


Speaker to be announced

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This event is presented by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (DLC) Program. The DLC, an evolution of the Women's Leadership Council program, is an inclusive program that champions and advocates for leadership that best reflects the diversity of the Greater Vancouver region. The DLC focuses on addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion to encourage allyship and enhance business innovation. The DLC is committed to investing in the participation and promotion of underrepresented groups, while supporting the business community to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. Learn more boardoftrade.com/programs.