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In the VoteLocal 2019 Federal Election Survey, businesses were generally supportive of Canada's current immigration rates.


Opinions of Immigration Rates

GVBOT federal election workforce


Businesses tend to support the federal government increasing efforts to attract highly skilled immigrants.


Increase/Reduce Efforts to Attract Skilled Immigrants

GVBOT federal election workforce


This is likely due to the fact that six-in-ten businesses report recently experiencing difficulties hiring workers and employees.


Difficulty in Hiring

GVBOT federal election workforce


When asked about the level of federal government support provided in a number of industry sectors or on issues facing businesses, the majority of businesses believe the federal government should be doing more to support businesses and workers to adopt and adapt to automation, artificial intelligence and the future of work.


Federal Gov't Doing Enough or Should do More

GVBOT federal election workforce



To read the full survey results, visit boardoftrade.com/votelocal2019.

Agenda For Growth — Policy Playbooks

In the lead up to the federal election, the Canadian Global Cities Council — a coast-to-coast coalition of Canada's eight largest chambers of commerce — has launched a new campaign called “Agenda for Growth.”

Over the course of four weeks, the CGCC will release a new policy playbook each week exploring a topic that is of importance to our cities’ and our national economy

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade is proud to partner with our chamber colleagues in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Brampton, Montreal, and Halifax on this important initiative.

Click on the playbook covers below, or learn more at Agenda for Growth.



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