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Virtual Watercooler Networking

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
4:00 PM
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Schedule:On May 25 we will connect you, via email, with your pair and then we will leave it to you to setup a meeting time. Your meeting should occur within 5 business days of connection.
Water cooler chat

Remember the days when you would bump into a colleague at the water cooler and catch up? With many people operating in work-from-home situation, it's more challenging to have those casual get to know you conversations. We want to help you connect with others in a more one-one situation, and that is why we have created our new Virtual Watercooler Chats.

Every two weeks, you can sign up to participate. We will randomly match you with another participant and connect you via email. We will then leave it to the watercooler pairs to set-up a time to meet!

What you discuss is up to you but it is an opportunity to share ideas, talk about trends and see how you can contribute towards each others business growth.

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